Lee's Handyman Service LLC

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     As child I was very curious about how things worked, so I would take them apart. Toys, appliances, my dads tools, a new bike, it didn't matter.  If I could get it apart, I would soon have it broken down to its basic components. The only issue was that I was horrible at putting them back together again. This problem got so bad that whenever my parents would give me something new,  the first thing they would say was "now don't take it apart."  But I always did.

     The curiosity to know how it works has never left me and I hope it never does. What once was a negative has become one of my strongest assets. I have become a life-long learner who enjoys solving puzzles. The greatest satisfaction I receive from being a handyman is figuring out why something isn't working, understanding how to fix it, fixing it, and then putting it back together again.